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Matt Cali is a great f*cking DJ. His carefully crafted musical repertoire allows unique sounds to develop in front of eager audiences ready to destroy the dance floor.  Whether he is working the crowd at one of California's top nightclubs or spinning at an intimate and oh-so-exclusive private event- the people have spoken and they want Matt Cali.

You already know the story, he was influenced at a young age by the rock stars and rap gods who came before him he started experimenting with mixing records and mastering the turntables in his parents basement, DJing at dive bars and local concert venues, hustling on the daily to be the best at his craft. He prides himself on the quality and technical skill needed to be that great f*cking DJ. His versatility, professionalism, and easygoing demeanor has led to many opportunities in the nightlife and entertainment industry. Besides being an accomplished DJ he is also a talented recording artist, song writer, producer, and designer creating the whole package for his clientele. 

See what Matt Cali's been up to by following him on all the important social media sites including his own website www.mattcali.com. For event information, collaborations, and upcoming projects hit him up.